Gift Your Kid The Perfect Tablet This Christmas- Top 5 Options

Kids Love Tablets

Kids Love Tablets

The Christmas is approaching and not just adults will be wishing for a tablet or the latest gadget this year but the kids are joining the bandwagon too. However, you cannot give your kids the expensive Apple Ipad or Samsung Galaxy that are not only expensive but also come with no parental controls. Nevertheless, do now worry, as there are many options available for your kids in the tablets space. Here are the top three options:


Nabi2 is rated as the best tablet for kids by many customer reviews. It has a sturdy body that is quite expected in a tablet designed for kids but the standout part of Nabi2 is the Tegra-3 processor inside which is used in many smart phones. It gives it the speed of whopping 1.3GHz processor that is unmatched in the market. Hence, it can run the most complex applications including high graphic games. It has an internal memory of 8GB that can be increased to 32GB by inserting a Micro SD card. It is also powered with 1GB RAM. The bumper made of rubber makes the 7-inch tab more durable than the others in the market. The side of the bumper is concave which makes it easier to hold. It has amazing parental controls, which even allows the parents to control the websites, videos that their kids will see. Moreover, if you have two kids the tab also allows you to create separate profiles for each of them. Priced at about $200 it may be the best option in this price zone.


Samsung galaxy 3 kids

Samsung Galaxy 3 for kids

Samsung Galaxy 3 for kids

For a little more tech savvy kids and kids who want to lay their hands on your Samsung tab/smart phone there is Samsung Galaxy 3 kids. Priced more than Nabi2, it has 1GB of ram. It is powered by a 1.2GHz dual-core processor and has 8 GB of internal memory. The camera is 3 mega pixels at the back and 1.3 mega pixels on the front for video chat. You can choose the applications that your child can see and download in the application managers. Moreover, the time lock in the device ensures that your kids do not use the device beyond bedtime.


This is the Kurio 7s

This is the Kurio 7s

The revamped Kurio7s comes with the Android OS 4.2.It has a dual camera and comes with some additional features. The internal memory is 8GB that can be enhanced to 32GB by micro SD card. It has most of the features of Nabi2 but misses on the powerful processor that Nabi2 boasts off, which gives Nabi2 an edge on speed and performance. However, Kurio7s has a newer version of android than Nabi2 and is priced about $50 less than Nabi2. Moreover, it allows the administrator to create 8 different profiles for kids and also has a good parenting control.

When choosing a tablet for your kids always remember that even though you may have parental controls in these devices to keep a check on your kid but in today’s time of internet revolution, kids like to see picture and videos on internet. Therefore, it is also very important that you monitor what they are seeing on internet and read on more safety tips to ensure a safe use of the tablets by your kids.

Dating Turnoffs: Avoid Them If You Want To Ace Your Date

We all have gone on a bad date

We all have gone on a bad date

We’ve all got our small date blunders — a gentleman not listening to what you need to say, or making discourteous jokes. We uncover precisely what the top five date turn-offs are and how to escape them:


There’s nothing more terrible than being seated in front from someone whose eyes are bobbling over and over again between their cellphone and your face. If this individual’s contributing his or her precious time to run out for dinner with you, he or she needs your full consideration. Assuming that it’s possible, keep the cellphone out of your date’s sight, at least!


Don´t go too far too fast on a first date

Take It Slow On The First Date

In the event that you’re getting closer and the love in the air is phenomenal, don’t ruin it by crawling your hands everywhere on your date right away. Play it with a little class. Provided that they’re also into it, they’ll move in closer. Assuming that they’re not, they’ll slip far from your disgusting grips.

Who’s gonna pay?

We live in a time where gentlemen don’t have to pay the entire bill anymore, and it’s awfully un-attractive if ladies don’t even offer to split the bill. Give this bill a chance to be the thing that sets the mood for the relationship, a fair and equal relationship.
Discussing about the “exes”
They say you might as well never discuss issues about politics, religion and exes on the initial date. You shouldn’t even consider discussing them. You would prefer not to give your date the sense that you’re still hung up on your ex or rage about what type of a douche they are. This will unquestionably make things feel uneasy.

Date interviewing

Avoid asking your date how they see themselves in the future, or what inspires them to work. Keep it cool and loose and begin with a compliment. Keep the discussion going by getting some information about your date’s hobbies and try to avoid being a braggadocio by talking about your net worth or how large your house is. Keep the convo light.

Drinking too much on a first date

Make a good impression on the first date

Make a good first impression on the date

Gulping down a martini after another martini makes your date think you’re either a bad date, or that you have a bad problem with drinking. It also messes with your judgment, which might lead to you say some awful and awkward things you might regret in the end.

You should avoid doing the behaviors above, unless you really are a bad date. But don’t stress over committing a mistake; as much as possible keep the date natural. A girl won’t like it if she could see you’re just pretending in order to get her attention. Be yourself. There’s nothing like a guy who’s relaxed and fun to be with.

Is That Healthy What You Are Eating- Are You Sure?

Tips for a successful diet

Tips for a successful diet

Are you thinking why are you gaining weight when you are doing everything right? If you are then it is a problem, which plagues many people in the world. In spite of following a good diet and exercise, some people tend to gain weight and become fat. The reason is that some food that people eat thinking it is good for them, is actually a cause for their weight gain. Fat formation and hence weight gain is just a chemical reaction in your body to food. Therefore, what may seem healthy to you may actually react in your body to gain weight.

Granola and protein bars

Granola and protein bars are always marketed as the health product for health freaks. However, just because they are kept in the “Health” section does not make it healthy. It has high amount of sugar and oil. Therefore, even though it is low on calories it still makes you fat. Sugar mixes with carbohydrates and is number one reason for fat formation. Instead eat half a bar of dark chocolate; at least you will get a better taste with the same amount of calories. Alternatively, you can eat muesli that will give you the same nutrition without the calories.

Black beans

Black beans for ages have been considered as healthy food that in fact helps in reducing weight. However, last few years have seen some skeptics challenging this theory and suggesting that on the contrary, beans may lead to weight gain. One theory for this is that beans are high on starch and carbohydrates, which helps in fat formation. Another theory additionally suggests that beans leads to inflammation in women over the age of 35 leading to immediate weight gain.

Dry fruits

Dry fruits are considered healthy but they are very high on calories and fat

Dry fruits are high in calories & fat

Dry fruits are always considered as no fat items. However, dry fruits may be very harmful as against the popular belief. The dried form of the fruit contains 10-20 times more calories that its original counterpart. Since it is highly dehydrated, the calories are highly saturated. For example, a single grape may contain 20 calories but its dried fore raisin may contain as high as 460 calories. Even almonds that are considered healthy are very high on calories and fat. These so-called healthy dry fruits can make you look fat immediately.

Check the nutritional facts first

Check the nutritional facts first

Therefore, not all that meets the eye may be the truth. You should know how to judge a food whether it is healthy or not. The most fundamental way to find out if a food will make you fat is to find out the sugar, carbohydrate and calorie content in the food. Do not think that if a food has fat content, then it would make you fat. It is not fat in the food that makes you fat, it is the sugar and carbohydrate content that makes you fat. Sugar and carbohydrate mixes in your body to form fat. Lastly, the calorie intake in a day should be lesser than what you are burning everyday to avoid weight gain.

Bless Your Family Before You Turn Into An Angel

Protect your love ones

Protect your loved ones

When you die you would definitely be missed by your loved ones. There is no way you could make up for their physical and emotional loss but you can make provisions to ensure that the financial loss is taken care of by signing up for life insurance. But how much life insurance should one take? How do you know whether you are under insured or over insured? Well, the life insurance should ideally make good the amount your family would have received from you had you been alive, able and working throughout our working life. So it should be the amount that if invested once the insured person expiries, the return can take care of the existing lifestyle of the dependents without much of alterations.

Many websites and insurance companies offer a calculation or worksheet to calculate your ideal insurance value. But, there is no one set formula for calculating the exact insurance you need.

At times thumb rules are used to determine the life insurance needs. A very rudimentary method of calculating the required insurance value is 10-12 times your annual earnings.

However you should consider the below factors to make a sketch of your required life insurance value.

Your disposable income

The idea of Insurance is to make up for the financial loss and not to profit the dependants out of their benefactor’s death. Hence the amount earned from investing the assured amount should be a factor of the disposable income of the insured person. This means his earnings less his personal expenses as there will not be any such expenses once he passes away.


Any liabilities borne by the insured person needs to paid off by the legal heirs after his or her death. This may include a home or car mortgage or a business loan. Hence the same should be provided for while making the assessment of the assured value of the insurance agreement.

Your dependants

Think of your family´s future

Think of your family´s future

Taking a life insurance only makes sense if you have family members who are dependant on your income. If they are well settled and have their own sources of income, you would rather use the insurance premium money during your lifetime to enjoy a good lifestyle.

Working life

You dependents would have enjoyed your income only during your working life period. They would need to provide for themselves after your retirement. Hence you would need to multiply your disposable income with your working life period to come closer to deriving your ideal insured value.

Cost of living

Inflation is now as inevitable as death and taxes. You would need to add the factor of rising cost of living your dependents would have to fight when you are not around.

Your existing savings

If you are a wise saver you may have already garnered enough wealth earning you a regular passive income that can be enjoyed by your heirs when you are no longer around. You could deduct that amount from your insured value assessment.

Premium paying capacity

Take out a life insurance plan

Take out a life insurance plan

A final check to your insured value calculation would be your premium paying capacity. Due to sudden unforeseen emergencies, business losses or events like wedding or new baby in the family your expenses may be on the rise and you may not be able to afford insurance for your family. In such cases you could start with what you can afford and later build up and take more insurance value.

It may be a good idea to take help of a financial expert to help you with the right insurance policy amount that would suit your needs as well as your pockets. However knowledge of the above factors help you make a wise decision and do your back of the envelope calculations for your peace of mind.

4 Biggest Mistakes That Spoil The Professional Image Of Linkedin Users

LinkedIn is much more than a social media platform

LinkedIn is much more than a social media platform

LinkedIn is no longer a limited professional platform but it is emerging as a leading social community that is providing a chance to many companies to market themselves. The online marketers have seen the potential of marketing their products and services though LinkedIn. The talent pool available on LinkedIn is also using multiple marketing strategies to make the LinkedIn profiles stand out. The elite as well as non elite professionals are using LinkedIn to promote their skills and work ethics that can help them in grabbing better opportunities online. So, this diverse platform can be utilized intelligently to one’s advantage if it is used properly. But still many people don’t understand the exact purpose of the LinkedIn and they tend to spoil its charm with their innocent mistakes. Why not avoid these stupid LinkedIn mistakes to truly make an impact through your social portrayal. Here are some common mistakes that people tend to make while using LinkedIn:

Don’t become a hyperactive user when you need a job

Use the platform professionally

Use the platform professionally

Most of the people create their LinkedIn profile and then forget about it until they are in dire need of a few connections. That’s the biggest error done by most of the LinkedIn users. If you haven’t updated your account for too long and then you suddenly become hyperactive, then you can’t expect people to take you seriously.

Don’t lower your respect by giving un-thoughtful recommendations

LinkedIn provides a feature in which the users can recommend the professional skills and traits of other users who are worthy of it. But most of the people exploit this facility which really reduces the trust ability, quality and authenticity of those recommendations. Also, those people who have received unthoughtful recommendations from you would stop taking you seriously in future. It isn’t something you would want. That’s why you should stop doing that.

Don’t creep out the people whom you don’t know

LinkedIn strictly monitors the type of connection requests that you can send to other people. You should respect this feature for the sake of professionalism. You should strictly avoid sending connection requests to those people whom you don’t know. However if you really think that you know someone then you should send a brief non generic message explaining it along with a connection request. You can also send requests to those people who belong to the secondary connection list on LinkedIn.

You shouldn’t shy away from sharing your thoughts about hot topics

Share your professional views

Share your professional views

It is commonly noted that people share a lot of things on Facebook but they tend to shy away from sharing their thoughts on LinkedIn. Maybe that’s because of the fact that LinkedIn is considered the hub of `intelligent people’ who might judge you for your thoughts. But if you really want your profile to reflect your personality that you shouldn’t shy away from posting and sharing your views about hot topics related to your field, world, politics and environmental issues etc.

These mistakes make you look slightly unprofessional and your personality can’t shine properly because other users may judge you by these mistakes. So, avoid doing these things and don’t let these mistakes define your personality on LinkedIn.

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